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Member Survey

Let members lead decisions

Identify whether you provide an experience that upsets or satisfies members through the industry-leading Member Survey from Players 1st. With the software analyzing feedback on every part of your business, it has never been easier to know what the majority of members desire and where to invest to increase member retention, satisfaction, and loyalty.  

Member Survey Small illustration Development
Most trusted Member Survey in the global golf industry

Elevate member experiences to new heights



Choose over 100 template questions and customize the survey to fit your needs.



Check if your actions truly make members happier and foster long-term memberships.



Enhance the areas highlighted as valuable for members to boost overall satisfaction best.

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Leverage benchmarks

Compare performance scores against other golf businesses regionally and nationally.

Members at the forefront

Provide members
with a reason to stay

Getting feedback from your active members is essential to your club management in figuring out how you can make the member experience as great as possible.



Dashboard features

Displays made for Member Feedback  

Priority Map

Member Survey Small illustration Development

Is the member satisfaction going up? 

The Development Graph feature provides a straightforward view of all scores and ratings over time based on member feedback, enabling you to compare progress against national benchmarks or your previous scores. This empowers you to set targets for further improving member satisfaction.

Member Survey Small illustration Ranking

Are you better than competitors?

The Benchmark feature compares member ratings for every aspect of your golf club to scores at other clubs utilizing Players 1st. This perspective allows you to set targets to climb the ranking list, whether for service, clubhouse amenities, or other key areas.

Member Survey Small illustration comment

What do members feel a need to share?

The Comments feature offers an opportunity to read the in-depth comments that members have added to their survey responses, whether anonymously or with contact information. Their detailed descriptions highlight what the club is doing well and areas where it could improve, providing you with a deeper understanding of what members find important on an individual level.

Member Survey Small illustration priority

What is the key part of great experiences?

The Priority Map feature provides an overview of scores for all aspects of the club, ranking them based on their impact on overall satisfaction. These advanced analytics pinpoint the main priority areas where actions should be focused to optimize outcomes.

Over 3000 clubs trust Players 1st

Words from clients


Response rates

Clubs utilizing surveys from Players 1st effectively gather feedback from the majority of their customers.


Responses per day

More than 10,000 survey responses are gathered through Players 1st Surveys on a daily basis across the world.


Surveys conducted

Through more than 2,500 golf clubs and the leading golf governing bodies, over 10 million surveys have been sent out. 

The Players 1st platform has greatly enhanced our ability to engage our golfers and gain critical intelligence. These insights bring a comprehensive perspective into our golfer’s experiences and allows our operators to react in real time.
Mitch Harrell, Executive Vice President at Troon Golf
Mitch Harrell

Executive Vice President, Troon Golf

Understanding our guests’ experience at our properties is of utmost concern to us. We have used other survey tools over the years and the Players 1st solution provides a level of useful information that we had previously not seen. The surveys were straightforward to implement, and the reporting capabilities provide actionable data that benefits our courses.
Mark Luthman, President at Touchstone Golf
Mark Luthman

President, Touchstone Golf

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