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Guest Survey

Guests are always right

Learn why green fee players prefer your golf business or might lean towards competitors by opting for the automated Guest Survey from Players 1st. With guest insights and unique data analytics at your fingertips, improving the business to satisfy current guests and attracting new customers is a done deal.

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The 1# Guest Survey for Golf Businesses Worldwide

Study guest experiences in detail



Access a template with over 70 questions and customize the survey to fit your needs.



Deliver surveys automatically by emails through our free booking system integrations.



Find out what matters for guests and invest accordingly to maximize guest satisfaction.

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Leverage benchmarks

Compare performance scores against other clubs regionally and nationally.

How to become worth revisiting

Give guests a voice through surveys

Whether guests come in for a brief visit or as regular guests of a member, they certainly have an opinion on their experience. This survey helps you discover if they leave satisfied and might return.



Dashboard features

Access feedback
in a modern way

Priority Map

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How is your business developing? 

The Development Graph feature provides you with a change-over-time view of club scores based on your results from the feedback, all together with day-to-day comparisons with national or customized benchmarks. Whether you are undertaking developments or maintenance, this feature reveals if your club is developing for better or worse, as judged by your guests. 

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How do you rank compared to others?

The Benchmark feature provides you with a ranking overview of how guests rate various aspects of your business, from minor details such as the greeting at the counter to larger areas such as the entire course experience. The industry benchmark helps determine whether you are outperforming competitors or lagging behind.

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What are guests saying word-by-word?

The Comments feature provides a dashboard section of the open comments that guests write at the end of each survey. For businesses reliant on guest feedback, this daily input is crucial for discovering what works well and addressing any overlooked problems promptly. Use this feedback to ensure unhappy customers receive apologies and prevent future guests from experiencing the same issues.

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What do guests really find important?

The Priority Map feature provides you with a user-friendly overview of how important each area of the business is for overall satisfaction and whether the ratings meet guest expectations. This enables operators to prioritize improvements in areas that greatly impact the majority of guest experiences, rather than solely focusing on the loudest voices when making decisions.

Over 3000 clubs trust Players 1st

Words from clients


Response rates

Clubs utilizing surveys from Players 1st effectively gather feedback from the majority of their customers.


Responses per day

More than 10,000 survey responses are gathered through Players 1st Surveys on a daily basis across the world.


Surveys conducted

Through more than 2,500 golf clubs and the leading golf governing bodies, over 10 million surveys have been sent out. 

Understanding our guests’ experience at our properties is of utmost concern to us. We have used other survey tools over the years and the Players 1st solution provides a level of useful information that we had previously not seen. The surveys were straightforward to implement, and the reporting capabilities provide actionable data that benefits our courses.
Mark Luthman, President at Touchstone Golf
Mark Luthman

President, Touchstone Golf

The Players 1st platform has greatly enhanced our ability to engage our golfers and gain critical intelligence. These insights bring a comprehensive perspective into our golfer’s experiences and allows our operators to react in real time.
Mitch Harrell, Executive Vice President at Troon Golf
Mitch Harrell

Executive Vice President, Troon Golf

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