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Employee Survey

Secure staff satisfaction

At golf businesses, employees are crucial for attracting and retaining customers. Understanding their job satisfaction and opinions is seamless through the Employee Survey from Players 1st, empowering you to optimize workforce performance and enhance employee loyalty.

Employee Survey Small illustration Priority map
Skyrocket staff satisfaction levels

Provide a platform for employee insights



Go for the tailored Employee Survey template and tweak it with your custom questions. 



Ensure your efforts improve staff satisfaction or discover if actions sink the overall score.



Path every part of being your employee and spot what really matters for job satisfaction. 



Learn if your employees are happier or more upset than those at national competitors.

Encourage anonymous honesty

Make feedback a great experience for staff

Providing and receiving feedback should always be seen as a positive experience. Our respondents are anonymous by default, supporting detailed insights to improve the business for everyone.

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Dashboard features

Fully understand your employees  

Priority Map

Employee Survey Small illustration Development

Are staff members getting happier? 

The Development Graph feature is your tool to ensure that employees become more satisfied with their job content and workplace over time, preventing unaddressed negative thoughts from leading to job terminations and a negative workplace reputation.

Employee Survey Small illustration ranking

Are you in the right or wrong?

The Benchmark feature shows how job satisfaction at your golf business compares to ratings from staff at competitors, whether regionally or nationally. This helps determine whether your scores reflect challenges across the entire industry or specifically within your business.

Employee Survey Small illustration comment

Is something specific on their minds?

The Comments feature allows you to review specific remarks that employees have written about what stands out as positive or negative. Their in-depth survey comments result in a pool of detailed feedback for you to dive into, revealing what you are doing great and how you can foster an even better work place in the future for both happy or dissatisfied employees.

Employee Survey Small illustration Priority map

What makes or breaks working for you?

The Priority Map feature provides a simple grid system that, through smart analytics, highlights feedback ratings with low, neutral, or high impact on overall job satisfaction. This empowers you to allocate resources effectively and engage in dialogue with your staff to address what matters most to them.

Over 3000 clubs trust Players 1st

Words from clients


Response rates

Clubs utilizing surveys from Players 1st effectively gather feedback from the majority of their customers.


Responses per day

More than 10,000 survey responses are gathered through Players 1st Surveys on a daily basis across the world.


Surveys conducted

Through more than 2,500 golf clubs and the leading golf governing bodies, over 10 million surveys have been sent out. 

The Players 1st platform has greatly enhanced our ability to engage our golfers and gain critical intelligence. These insights bring a comprehensive perspective into our golfer’s experiences and allows our operators to react in real time.
Mitch Harrell, Executive Vice President at Troon Golf
Mitch Harrell

Executive Vice President, Troon Golf

Understanding our guests’ experience at our properties is of utmost concern to us. We have used other survey tools over the years and the Players 1st solution provides a level of useful information that we had previously not seen. The surveys were straightforward to implement, and the reporting capabilities provide actionable data that benefits our courses.
Mark Luthman, President at Touchstone Golf
Mark Luthman

President, Touchstone Golf

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