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Experts predict the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the golf industry

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Feb 21, 2024

On February 27th, Players 1st is launching a webinar on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) predictively will affect golf businesses worldwide. AI experts from TrackMan and Novicell are joining the discussions.

Recently, the American media outlet CNN published an article on the potential and risk of AI, predicting how it will impact industries such as law and medicine. Now, AI experts have looked into how the revolutionary technology will impact the golf industry in the future, revealing the findings during a Players 1st webinar on February 27th.  

Most of us have experienced how new technology has pushed global markets in a whole new direction, exemplified by streaming platforms taking over their physical competitors. Now, with AI entering the sports scene, it is only a matter of time before a similar shift can be seen in the golf industry. For this reason, we have connected some of the brightest AI experts to discuss how golf businesses can take advantage of the technology and prepare for the evolving market.
Daniel Laursen, CMO at Players 1st

Nearly 200 golf industry professionals have already signed up for the webinar, which will reveal the newest data on how to leverage AI tools to optimize course management, enhance player experiences, and drive overall growth and success.  

During the one-hour webinar, two AI experts will present the predictions alongside Daniel Laursen.

The first speaker is Casper Larsen from the highly renowned Danish digital consultancy Novicell. Being an AI business consultant, Larsen is deeply engaged in how Artificial Intelligence can create value-adding solutions that enhance business processes and drive operational excellence and innovation within organizations. 

The other speaker is Sebastian Eldrup-Jørgensen, VP of Product & Business Development at TrackMan, one of the leading golf-tech companies in the world. Eldrup-Jørgensen is responsible for strategic partnerships and all products in the tech-company's golf portfolio.  

The speakers will explore trends, innovations, and predictions that will define the next era of golf, which will only be shared with the participants. To get insights from the webinar, participants can secure one of the few remaining spots on the event sign-up page.

Sign up for the webinar by clicking here

Insights in a Snap 1 - AI and The Future of Golf-1
Insights in a Snap # 1 - AI and The Future of Golf



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