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Uniting federations since 2017: Players 1st Conference set for 6th edition

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Aug 21, 2023

Since 2017, the Players 1st Conference has been a driving force in gathering golf federations worldwide for knowledge sharing. The 6th edition, co-hosted by the German Golf Association in Frankfurt from September 18th to 20th, will continue sharing valuable insights within the global golfing community.

How has England Golf used member insights to create a toolkit that supports its affiliated clubs in upholding good governance?

What key participant feedback has the Danish Golf Union gained from their Women in Golf program?

And how does Scottish Golf see feedback collection as a tool to reach their strategic goal of developing strong and sustainable clubs for the future?

These are the kind of questions that ignited the initial Players 1st Conference in 2017, which is now an annual event. The conference gathers federations from Europe to Australasia for three days of engaging discussions, insightful case studies, and valuable networking, all aimed at a clear goal: unlocking the power of data through teamwork. 

The first version of the Players 1st dashboard came to life through close collaboration with the federations, as we aimed to create a tool that would suit the needs of the federations, their affiliated clubs, and the golf industry. Now, we've found the conferences to be a great opportunity to both inspire each other to use data and for us to sit down face-to-face with those who use our product, continuing the collaboration on how to take it to the next level together.
Morten Bisgaard, CEO and Co-founder at Players 1st.

Diverse countries, shared challenges 

Over the years, the Players 1st Conference has addressed important topics, such as promoting inclusivity in golf, improving the welcoming process for new golfers, embracing member diversity, and creating a great experience for young golfers. 

Adapting to revolve around the most relevant topics each year, the 2021 conference looked at golf's increase in popularity during the pandemic, with a specific focus on retaining members and guests. The conference also drew attention to the retention of female golfers and junior players, which remained a central theme at the 2022 conference in Madrid.  

During the gathering in the Spanish capital, Renate Roeleveld, President of the Dutch Golf Course Owners Association, was among the attendees to take the stage, sharing her effective methods for creating a more inclusive and welcoming environment for women in the sport


The next conference is right down the fairway 

While virtual gatherings hosted by Players 1st keep the engagement alive and the connections strong between conferences, the highly anticipated 6th edition of the Players 1st Conference in Frankfurt, co-hosted by the German Golf Association, is just around the corner.  

As golf governing bodies prepare to gather once again from September 18th to 20th this year, the stage is set for another great exchange of ideas, experiences, and strategies. And, of course, conference attendees can also look forward to the event’s returning golf tournament, which turns friends into temporary enemies in a friendly competition on the course. 

The Players 1st Conference is much more than a forum for nations to exchange experiences on the world's best golf customer experience survey software. The conference is also a forum for golf managers with rich and detailed experience in many ways, who were very willing to support each other. So, we're really looking forward to welcoming all participants in Germany and to bring home the Players 1st Cup.
Markus Lawatsch, Head of Marketing and Golf Development at German Golf Association


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