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Effective course maintenance communication equals happy guests

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May 21, 2023

Maintaining a golf course regularly is a must for every golf club to ensure it stays in top shape in the long run. But have you thought about telling your guests about the work being done? If not, you might be missing out on a crucial aspect of guest satisfaction.

Think about it. Your guest is excited to start the golf season and arrives at the course, only to find out that maintenance work is ongoing. Or a passionate golfer travels a long way to play on your specific course, and the guest discovers that the fairway has been mowed so recently that it has completely ruined the ground. That's a bummer, right?

Having said that, we all know that maintaining the course is important to keep it at its best for years to come. This is especially true in regions with harsh winters, where loads of maintenance work is needed before the season starts.

But just promise one thing: Tell your guests about it. Trust us. It's a big deal.

A connection you can't ignore

Before the season kicks off in countries like Denmark, the Netherlands, and Norway - places that heavily rely on seasonal golf - we thought it'd be interesting to discover what guests really think about how well clubs communicate about maintenance work.

And it revealed a pattern that every golf club, whether seasonal or not, should take note of.

Our research has shown that guests place a high value on being kept in the loop about any maintenance work being done on the course. Actually, there is a direct connection between how well a club communicates about the work and how satisfied the guests are.
Players 1st

The graph below drives home the point. And its message is quite simple, really: The better your communication, the higher your Net Promoter Score (NPS).


The connection between communication about course maintenance and Net Promoter Score-1
The connection between communication about course maintenance and Net Promoter Score


Let's say a guest rates the communication highly, giving it a score in the 90s. In such cases, an average golf club often has an satisfaction score of around 60. But if the communication score is just at a medium level, brace yourself, because it often means that the club struggles with an average NPS score around 0. Improving communication could be its pathway to climb the NPS ladder.

So, don't keep your guests guessing about maintenance work on the course. If left in the dark, they might think the course is poorly managed or be disappointed when they arrive to find rough conditions.

And let's face it. Nobody likes unpleasant surprises. If guests have a bad experience, there's a chance they won't come back. Even worse, they could turn into detractors that you need to deal with before they convinces others to stay away from your club.

How to tee up communication about maintenance work

When you keep your guests in the loop about the maintenance work and updates on the course, it helps them understand and be patient. They'll appreciate the honesty and effort you're putting in to maintain things in great condition. Plus, by giving them a heads-up, it's their call to decide whether they want to play regardless or wait for the conditions to improve.

But how can you step up your communication game and make sure your guests are always up-to-date about maintenance work at your club?

Tips to improving communication about course maintenance-1
Tips to improving communication about course maintenance.

By following these simple tips to keep your guests and players well-informed, you'll enhance their experience and increase the chances of positive reviews and return visits.

Bonus tip: Provide a discount to balance the situation

When talking about maintenance stuff, try to sweeten the deal by slashing the green fee if the course looks a little rough. That way, you're making up for the less-than-ideal condition and giving your guests a sense that the price matches what they're getting.

So, to wrap things up: When you're gearing up to give your course some much-needed work, make sure to inform your guests and players. Who knows? It might even boost your NPS and pave the way for glowing guest experiences.


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