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How AI can help improve the future of golf lessons

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Feb 28, 2024

Golf instructors offer every golfer an opportunity to improve their game. Now, with Artificial Intelligence, these opportunities are about to expand. And if utilizing these tech tools results in more satisfying lessons, data shows that golf professionals will attract more members.

Nailing the fundamentals of golf is truly difficult, and perfecting them is just as tough. Luckily, golf professionals have been around for ages, teaching fresh and experienced golfers how to develop their game. But a change in how they usually perform their finest task is coming. 

The traditional teaching methods are now set to be enhanced by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Today, various digital and smart solutions are available to turn golfers into better players, with many of these technologies targeting the individual golfer, making them responsible for their own learning. 

But what if golf professionals started embracing these innovative tools in their lessons? 

Armed with an arsenal of tools, from swing analyzers to mobile applications, they could offer new perspectives and possibilities on and off the playing field. And if golfers appreciate this modern approach and rate the PGA professionals highly, data shows that even more members will sign up for lessons at the clubs.

AI tools revolutionizing golf instruction

Today, golfers can get their hands on many tools with AI as the central technology behind the solutions. And these cover everything a golfer could ever dream of. Need an analysis of the swing? Roger. Need help choosing the correct club? Check. Need feedback on putting technique? On it. 

This sounds great, right? Well, most golf clubs actually already offer these instructions through PGA professionals.  

And there's no doubt that AI will make golf lessons more accessible for many people. But we believe that one of the most interesting parts of introducing AI in golf instructions might be the combination of skilled professionals and advanced technology. 

So, which tools could possibly be helpful in this matter?

To avoid making this article extremely long, we will explore 3 AI concepts that golf professionals could benefit from.

3 AI concepts that golf professionals can benefit from-1
3 AI concepts that golf professionals can benefit from

A lot of these solutions, among many others, also come with smartphone applications, adding a new dimension to golf instructions. Golf professionals can use these applications to track the development of each golfer, provide accurate feedback on swing and player performance, and help golfers set specific goals for their game development – all things that will assist them in providing even more complete and satisfactory lessons. 

Golf instructors with happy players reach more members 

Introducing golf pros to these tools based on AI, golf businesses might kill two birds with one stone. The first bird resembles the instructors' desire for professional development, which is a main factor for the job satisfaction of pros. Making them confident in leveraging technology will make them even happier in their roles at the golf club.  

The second bird resembles the happiness of the players who take lessons. If you successfully utilize AI to enhance golf instructions, which will likely lead to a higher Net Promoter Score (NPS) for the golf pros, you look into a future of more members taking more lessons. 

The findings of a Players 1st member experience study confirm this. 

Source_ Players 1st based on over 34000 survey responses
Source: Players 1st based on over 34000 survey responses

If a professional had a NPS rating in the top 10% compared to other professionals, the person taught an average of 1.74 lessons per club member. If a professional struggled with a rating in the bottom 10%, the person only provided 1.12 lessons per member.  

And the difference doesn't stop there. The top-rated professionals attracted 48% of club members, while the bottom-rated ones attracted just around 37%.  

Basically, the PGA professionals with a high NPS attract more members and provide more lessons per player at golf clubs.  

The study does not include which professionals use advanced AI technology in their lessons nor if it will boost the golfer's satisfaction with the pros. But, with the promising development of technology, it would be strange if pros taking advantage of these new assisting tech tools wouldn't improve their offered experience.  

With the potential to integrate and analyze more data and develop new teaching methods, the future of golf promises an even deeper transformation in how professionals teach and golfers learn. What will the future hold for us? We don't know, but we do know that the future of golf offers us a very exciting horizon of constantly evolving possibilities.


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